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Creating Your Future / Creando Tu Futuro

Program Information

Program Supporter: The Citi Foundation
Implementing Partner: Kuepa.com

The Challenge

Despite the large youth population, developing countries have failed to absorb the youth into their education systems and labor markets, thereby not fully benefiting from this “youth dividend.” In Latin America and the Caribbean, young people account for roughly 50% of all unemployed workers in nearly every country in the region. Sustained unemployment reinforces inter­-generational transmission of poverty, promotes anti­-social and high­-risk behavior, and restricts the ability of a community and economy to grow and realizes it’s social and economic development goals. It is essential to promote youth employment by encouraging programs that provide youth with soft and hard working skills that will help them get better jobs and continue their education and professional growth at a higher level.

The Opportunity

The Creating Your Future / Creando Tu Futuro – Workplace Skills Program is an innovative job skills training program aimed at building a strong foundation of technical and life skills knowledge for low income youth in Latin America. Launching in Argentina and Colombia, with a smaller pilot program in the Dominican Republic, the program will develop and deliver a blended platform of online learning modules and classroom instruction to 2200 low­-income youth with the goal of preparing graduates for secure, financially sustainable jobs in the organized sector. The program will provide beneficiaries with instruction through four unique modules: math and literacy skill; workplace communication with applied English; technical and technology skills; and a blend of personal financial management and job search skills. The central goal of the program is to maximize the employability of participants by empowering them with the fundamental technical and personal skills necessary to effectively pursue and secure full employment, and achieve sustainable personal and professional success in their future careers.

Learn More

Visit creandotufuturo.com to learn more about the program, curriculum, and learning modules.

Program Leadership Team

Jessica Yarrow
Country Director, Latin America

GFI's Latin America Country Director, Jessica Yarrow, has been in Guatemala since 1997 working for human rights organizations supporting local initiatives to improve labor rights, access to justice, economic development and to end human trafficking. She also has experience interpreting and translating for visiting funders and academic groups. With GFI Jessica will provide insight and manage our current projects in Latin America. She holds a master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management from the School for International Service and a B.A. in Spanish/Latin American Studies from American University in Washington, DC.

Recent Activities

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