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GFI Signs MoU with Federation of Contractors' Associations of Nepal

GFI Signs MoU with Federation of Contractors' Associations of Nepal (FCAN)


KATHMANDU, Oct 22: A major step toward providing consumers with bricks that minimize damage to the environment and use no child or bonded labor was taken on Monday with the signing of an agreement between the Federation of Contractors´ Associations of Nepal (FCAN) and Global Fairness Initiative (GFI), an INGO, as part of a joint program with Brick Clean Group Nepal (BCN).

The current boom in construction has focused global attention on the country´s brick kilns, where bricks are often made by child laborers in risky conditions that pollute the environment. But some kilns are making changes.

The GFI is assisting kiln entrepreneurs in enabling their products to be certified as Better Bricks, part of a business-friendly, consumer-oriented program led by BCN. Now contractors across the country have also joined the movement to encourage the use of bricks made in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The agreement was signed by FCAN President Jay Ram Lamichhane on behalf of the nationwide organization, according to a press statement issued by GFI.

“This is a milestone. It´s exciting to see the business community taking the initiative even before formulation of policies by the government,” said GFI Country Director Homraj Acharya.

“It's a great example of partnership between the business and nonprofit sectors to achieve common goals. We believe that Nepal´s consumers, if given the choice, would rather have clean bricks free of any trace of child labor or forced labor.”

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