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GFI leadership meet with Tunisian labor leaders

April 15, 2014 - Tunis
Today GFI Board Chair Dr. Danilo Turk and President Karen Tramontano met with Hassine Abbasi, President of Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail (UGTT), Tunisia's largest Trade Union and a nominee for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. UGTT has played a significant role in strengthening the role of civil society in post-revolution Tunisia and have led efforts that contributed to the ratification of Tunisia’s new constitution, and the formation of a caretaker government tasked with seeing the country through to future elections. The focus of the meeting with GFI was to discuss the need for extending labor rights and protections into Tunisia's larger informal sector, and creating systems to help facilitate formalization. The discussion was centered around GFI's Tunisia Inclusive Labor Initiative (TILI), an ongoing multi-stakeholder program that has help develop a framework for transitioning Tunisia's informal workforce into the formal economy and strengthen social protections and services, the institutions responsible for them. Learn more about the TILI Program