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Ciudad Saludable Celebrates the National Day of Recyclers in Peru

Recycling Associations in Peru Celebrated the Recyclers' National Day

June 1, 2014 was the "National Day of Recyclers" in Peru to commemorate "The Law of the Recycler" which was inaugurated June 1, 1999. This law was the first in Peru to regulate recyclers' work with the clear intention of formalizing recyclers and promoting the efficient management of reusable solid waste. Ciudad Saludable was a leader in drafting this law as a response to Peru's municipal and waste management challenges and to promote the formalization of outcasted and undermined waste-picker and recycler workers within the country.

June 1, 2014 in Lima, 15 Recyclers Associations along with, community leaders, NGOs and local citizens, gathered to celebrate this historical day in the district of Barranco.

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