Local Solutions for a Global Economy

Shop at Amazon Smile and contribute to GFI at the same time!


Amazon Smile is an exciting new program where Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase to a charitable organization of your choice. You can use this new feature to support the Global Fairness Initiative when you shop at Amazon (http://smile.amazon.com)!

Your generous support will be directly invested in our work to create broad and inclusive economic empowerment programs for working poor communities around the globe. As a small non-profit organization focused on doing far more with less, we promise you that every dollar of your support will be more than doubled by our effort and commitment.

Like all of our work, many hands play a part in creating solutions to the disease of poverty. With this contribution our supporters have joined an intimate cycle that begins with a thoughtful contribution and ends with the hope and opportunity created for an impoverished worker engaged in our programs.

We would like to thank everyone of our supporters who have used this feature to support GFI.