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Our Mission: The Global Fairness Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded for the purpose of creating a more equitable, sustainable approach to economic development for the world's working poor.

Disclosures: Central to all of our work and core beliefs, both as an organization and as individuals, GFI is committed to providing full disclosure on who we are, how we are supported, what we do, and most importantly why. As a small NGO committed to putting the majority of our funding into the programs we operate, we do not dedicate significant resources to promoting our work or populating our website with documentation beyond what is necessary to track and inform on our work and to provide information on the sources and uses of our funding. Our key disclosure documents can be found through the links below, but we encourage you to contact us anytime if you would like additional information about anything regarding our organization or our work. We have a great deal more available in the way of reports, documentation, data and just plain old lessons learned that we are happy to share at your request. As with any organization exempted under section 501(c), GFI is committed to service of the public good, and we believe that with this comes the responsibility to be transparent in our work, a standard that all exempt organizations should hold to. To learn more about us, our programs, initiatives and finances please follow the links below or on the right side menu.

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